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BritneySpears Can you stop the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline sex tape from reaching the public?!?

Acting as the pop music star Britney Spears, try to break as many tapes as humanly possible. Anxious fans have gathered near a building in New York where Kevin is dropping copies of the naughty tape. You can only miss three tapes before the entire public sees the video.

Kevin Federline has offered to sell the tape for $50 million dollars but also noted that he will settle for $30 million and custody of the kids if Britney Spears agrees. Do you blame him?

How else is he going to pay for all of the strippers and cocaine?

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PeepingPaparazzi Working for Peeping Paparazzi Inc. you and your trench coat twin must grab your cameras and head on over to the Trump Hotel in New York. Every celebrity is in town and your boss wants you to take pictures of as many Hollywood Stars as possible. Try and get tomorrow's front page featuring Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, or even Paris Hilton.

Using your trusty seesaw, you have 3 lives to sneak a peek into all of the windows. Don't drop your twin otherwise he'll be flat as a pancake. Remember, you are the Paparazzi and nothing will hold you back from peeping into the private lives of the hottest celebrities.

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Paris Hilton Flash Game Can you stop the Paris Hilton sex video from reaching the public?!?

Acting as the party hopping socialite Paris Hilton, try to break as many videos of the Paris Hilton sex scandal as humanly possible. A crowd of people have gathered in the Hilton Hotel parking lot in Paris hoping to catch a copy. You can only miss three videos before the entire public sees the famous Paris Hilton sex video.

This is One Night in Paris that you will never forget.

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Crazy Bomber Can you defeat the CRAZY BOMBER?!?

With only three buckets of water you have to catch every bomb this CRAZY BOMBER drops. Miss one bomb and you'll lose a bucket. If you score 1000 points then you'll regain a bucket. Lose all of your buckets and the CRAZY BOMBER has defeated you!!

He's got to run out soon right?

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Photo Hunt Can you find all of the differences?

You're only given a little time. Each correct guess increases your score and each incorrect guess decreases your score. If you can't find any more differences, click the help button and you could save yourself from losing.

It's just like any classic childhood school room puzzle, except using my own personal photos. What's the difference? Simply click the differences in the 2 photos that are side by side.

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The table below shows all flash movies that I have uploaded. I have plenty of "works-in-progress" that just never seem to find their way to completion once I figure how to do it correctly.

Flash Movies

Flash Movie 3D_Cdog.swf61 KB
Flash Movie 3d_menu.swf3 KB
Flash Movie AbeAndFriends.swf1.23 MB
Flash Movie Atom.swf49 KB
Flash Movie CCWKidsLogo.swf9 KB
Flash Movie EarthRevolvingSun.swf14 KB
Flash Movie Enuufff.swf1.6 MB
Flash Movie JulyFourth.swf876 KB
Flash Movie MusicalAnimation.swf403 KB
Flash Movie Sun.swf2 KB
Flash Movie Tsunami_Menu.swf2 KB
Flash Movie WeddingScottandAnna.swf23 KB
Flash Movie WoodyGuthrie.swf89 KB
Flash Movie iWon Logo.swf10 KB

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